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Stratford Business Association

The Stratford Business Association (SBA) represents local businesses throughout the District. Our aim is to grow Stratford into a thriving town with opportunities to visit, live and invest into the future.

We’re committed to adding value to Stratford businesses by promoting local trade, hospitality, tourism, products and services. This includes helping to organise and promote community events which benefits extend to businesses, residents and ratepayers in both rural and urban Stratford.

The SBA represents Stratford businesses and actively advocates on their behalf locally and throughout New Zealand, driving opportunities to be recognised as the thriving, beautiful and unique place we know and love.

You can become a member of the Stratford Business Association for an annual fee of either $50 +gst or $100 +gst, depending on the size of your business. This fee contributes to the promotional efforts of the association, as well as supporting management driving these initiatives. As part of the SBA you will receive key insights via email updates, seminars, marketing and other development opportunities. You will also be a part of this important movement to sustain growth, development and promotion of the Stratford District.