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Dolly’s Milk

'Udderly Fantastic' Fresh Milk 297 Warwick Road, RD 21, Stratford 4391
Call us anytime 06 928 4560
Self Service is Open 24/7

Margaret and Peter Dalziel built and established Dolly’s Milk, on the edge Stratford’s township in 2013.

Dolly’s Milk is ‘udderly fantastic’ fresh milk from a very friendly herd of approximately 20 crossbreed cows.  The cows are grass fed over summer, and supplemented by silage over the winter. They only use organic/balanced fertilisers on the farm, and no chemical sprays are used on the milking paddocks.

Dolly’s Milk has an easy-to-use self service milk dispenser. You can bring your own bottles to fill up or purchase bottles from their bottle dispenser. The milk and bottle dispensers can take ‘cash’ and ‘Dolly’s Milk Card’ as payment. You can get a ‘Dolly’s Milk Card’ on-site, with an easy registration process. The cards can be loaded with credit for future purchases.  The self service dispensers are open 24/7, all year round.

Dolly’s Milk not only tastes great, in its natural state its approximately 95% fat free, is a great source of calcium and contains vitamins, enzymes and probiotics. Dolly’s Milk is not pasteurised or homogenized, nothing is added or taken away from the milk, it is simply chilled to perfection.

297 Warwick Road, RD 21, Stratford 4391

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