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123 Molesworth St, New Plymouth
Call us anytime 0800 123 774
9:00am- 5:30pm Monday to Friday

Primo is the award-wining Taranaki broadband specialist that delivers no matter where you are.

Our UltraFast Broadband service can let you do whatever you want, whenever you want, at your business, home, school and community while our wireless internet service goes to those rural communities and farms that fibre doesn’t reach.

Businesses can make use of our wireless network to make sure they are always online by using it as a backup to their fibre connection. We can also provide internet phones, aka VOIP, to replace landlines, and can help set you up with your own PBX service for a complete communication hub that you control.

Our team of installers and the New Plymouth-based help desk team are here to provide backup whenever it’s needed and to make sure you are always connected.

Proudly Taranaki owned and operated we are also the enormously proud supreme winner of the 2021 TSB Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.

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123 Molesworth St, New Plymouth

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